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Eco Friendly Domestic Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house or office space is satisfying and creates a cleaner, more comfortable environment. This can make you feel happier and more relaxed, and it can also avoid the spread of germs.

There are ways to clean your house or office and be eco-friendly at the same time and it isn’t as difficult or as expensive as you may think; it is actually a better and more cost-effective option which doesn’t release half as many toxins into the environment. Here are some domestic cleaning tips which will help you be more eco-friendly when you are cleaning:

  • Change your cleaning products to non-toxic ones – a quick and easy solution, which makes a big difference in domestic cleaning, is the products. You should eliminate all the products that are full of chemicals. They’re not only damaging to the environment, but as you breathe in the toxic chemicals whenever you use them, changing to non-toxic products can be beneficial to yourself and the environment.

  • Open as many windows as you can – having the windows closed traps the toxins in the air making it unhealthy which can affect a person’s breathing (asthma) or allergies. Opening your windows when cleaning also allows a good circulation of air into the room.

  • Use natural remedies for removing stains, cleaning glass, and clearing blockages when domestic cleaning – white vinegar, lemons and baking/bicarbonate of soda are good substitutions.

  • White vinegar is amazing at removing grease and stains. It has antibacterial properties which will be very handy when cleaning. If your shower head is blocked or has limescale, submerging it in vinegar overnight will unblock and clean it.

  • Lemons are both antibacterial and antiseptic which are very handy properties for sanitizing and cleaning. Lemons also have a pleasant, perfumed smell which will leave your space smelling good and fresh

  • Baking/bicarbonate of soda can be used to clean carpets and have them smelling good again. You can mix it with vinegar to make a toilet bowl cleaner instead of using chemicals that usually do not do the job. It can also be used to unclog drains if mixed with vinegar.

  • Swap paper towels as they are very inconvenient as they are one-use only. Use reusable towels instead, you can clean with them, wash, and reuse. They’re also stronger and more absorbent which is more beneficial to both cleaning and the environment.