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Hinch Fans Tips to Keep Your Vacuum Smelling Fresh

Over time our vacuum cleaners develop a musty, unpleasant smell, thanks to their job hoovering up muck and dust every other day. But, fear not, a group of savvy Mrs Hinch fans have shared some extremely effective domestic cleaning tricks, to keep your vacuum smelling fresh.

Mrs Hinch’s social media fans have created their own groups, dedicated to helping each other with cleaning tips and tricks. One group member asked for advice on freshening up their canister vacuum cleaner, to prevent it from “smelling awful”, and the fans came to the rescue, the tips were as follows:

Put bin freshener on top of the vacuum bag, to keep it smelling lovely. 

Washing out the filter and making sure it is fully dry.

Buying vacuum disks to freshen up your vacuum bag. 

Using extra strength Vac Air-Freshener, which reportedly smell amazing.

Put cotton wool pads, that have been soaked in lavender or perfume, inside the vacuum bag.

Adding washing beads to the vacuum bag.

Pouring essential oils or Zoflora into the bag.

Adding shake n’ vac into the baf itself.

And, finally, don’t forget to neglect the vacuum itself, wash the pipes and the fixtures as these will collect a smell overtime. 

Some More Tips from Mrs Hinch’s Fans

Mrs Hinch’s fans have offered a whole range of other domestic cleaning tips that could make your life ten times easier. 

Add dishwasher tablets to your washing machine drawer if you feel your clothes aren’t coming out as fresh as they used to.

Add white vinegar to every wash, or a half white vinegar and half bicarbonate of soda, to freshen up the drum.

Soak your oven shelves in the bath with a dishwasher table to dissolve and remove stubborn grime and charred food. 

Spray diluted Zoflora onto your radiators and give them a wipe down, this will remove any germs and will also leave your house smelling fresh, especially once you turn the heating on.

Store each matching set of bedding inside the pillow case to keep things looking neat and tidy, and to save yourself from spending half an hour hunting for a matching set.

These tips and tricks can save you a lot of time, and effort, when it comes to domestic cleaning. However, if it all sounds like too much work, get in touch with us, and our domestic cleaners will come to your rescue.