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How Often Should You Deep Clean?

Deep cleaning involves a controlled and structured clean that is more thorough and detailed than a standard clean. The deep cleaning process includes cleaning behind radiators and fittings, floor scrubbing, cleaning beds, wall washing, cleaning vents/grilles, cleaning soft furnishings, window washing, cleaning kitchens, decluttering and cleaning cupboards and storage spaces, cleaning doors and door furniture, and cleaning entrances.

Some cleaning tasks, such as wiping down tables and kitchen surfaces, cleaning bathroom surfaces and hoovering, could be completed as often as daily. 

Some cleaning requirements that you can set aside as a weekly chore include deep cleaning furniture, mopping floors, scrubbing and disinfecting bathtub or shower and washing sheets and towels.

There are very few chores that can be left to do monthly such as deep cleaning of carpets and rugs which, cleaning woodwork, curtains and blinds to remove debris and dust.

Having a clean house is a luxurious feeling, but cleaning your house regularly can be very time consuming so creating a checklist and finding some quick cleaning tips can be really helpful. You should start off with simply making your bed, opening blinds, picking up clutter on the floor, wiping over all surfaces with a clean cloth and a good multi-surface cleanser and then move on to vacuuming floors and carpets to remove dirt and debris. 

These are quick and easy cleaning tasks to complete that’ll make a difference in your home and won’t take up too much time of your day. Professional level deep cleaning only needs to be done occasionally, however, if you want the job done properly you may want to hire professional deep cleaners as they have the right equipment to clean your house from the larger objects to the smallest crevices.